About me

Florian Krauthan
Name Florian Krauthan
Birthdate 15-02-1991
Nickname fkrauthan
Residence Vancouver,
Certified IT Specialist for Application Development
Occupation ERP Development Team Lead at FISPAN
Programming skills Kotlin, Java, PHP (HTML / CSS / JS / MySQL), Javascript (Server and Client), Python, C/C++, C#, Visual Basic
Experienced in
  • Java
    • Spring (MVC, Social), JSF/JSF2, EJB3, JSP (+tag library), Hibernate, Quartz, Wicket
  • Kotlin
    • Ktor, Clikt, Multiplatform (JS and Binary)
  • PHP
    • Symfony, YiiFramework, CakePHP, PEAR, Smarty
  • WEB
    • ReactJS, Redux, Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery, JQuery UI, AngularJS, NodeJS, Backbone, RequireJS
  • Mobile
    • React Native, Android SDK (Java), IOS SDK (Objective-C), JQuery Mobile (Javascript), Cordova / Phonegap (Javascript)
  • C/C++
    • SDL, OpenGL, Qt, OpenAL, wxWidgets, DevIL, Boost, Poco
  • SCM
    • Git, Subversion, Mercurial
  • Databases
    • MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle DB, Sqlite
  • Technologies
    • Kubernetes, Ansible, Docker, Service-oriented architecture (SOA), Single sign-on (SSO), Concurrency managment, Test-driven development (TDD), Android Development, IOS Development, Hybrid Development, Financial application development
GitHub fkrauthan (Florian Krauthan)
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Business In 2008 I founded my business for Softwaredevelopment, Webdevelopment, Webdesign and Webhosting. If you are interested please contact me via the contact form.